For almost 90 years Route 66 has been more than an asphalt two-lane highway, it remains a lasting part of American history thanks to the hearts and souls of its people.

About Us

About Us

On February 18, 1987, a group of 15 passionate individuals met at the Copper Cart restaurant in Seligman, Arizona, and formed the Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona.  Led by Angel Delgadillo, a barber who grew up on Route 66, this group of passionate people wouldn’t allow the bypassing of the Highway to bypass the heart and soul of America.

Route 66 may have been created simply as the first cross-continental highway, but today it remains a lasting part of American history with world-wide importance. Route 66 might have been just a page in history books if it weren’t for the Association which led the rebirth of Route 66 and put Route 66 back on the map, not just in Arizona, but across all eight states.

Working tirelessly, this non-profit association has never lost sight of its mission to preserve, protect, and promote the Route.  Over the years, the Association’s efforts have resulted in Arizona’s segment of Route 66 being designated as an Arizona Historic Road, a National Scenic Byway, and attaining All-American Road status, the highest National designation possible.  In addition, the Association continues to assist all of Arizona’s Route 66’s communities with preservation and marketing projects.

For membership information contact the Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona at 928-753-5001, or when you’re in Kingman, stop into the Association’s gift shop in the historic Powerhouse right on Route 66.

Northern Arizona University has begun archiving a collection of the Association's history. It is in the review process at the Cline Library, but you can access it here and follow it's progress.

We would like to thank the following businesses for their support:

Dambar & Steakhouse, Kingman

City of Kingman

Delgadillo's Snow Cap, Seligman

Jack Rabbit Trading Post, Joseph City

Angel & Vilma Delgadillo's Original Route 66 Gift Shop, Seligman

Route 66 Motoporium, Seligman

Best Western Kings Inn, Kingman

Westside Lilos Cafe, Seligman

Return to the 50's, Seligman

Keepers of the Wild, Valentine

La Posada Hotel, Winslow

Grand Canyon West

Grand Canyon Caverns, Peach Springs

Mike's 66 Outpost, Kingman

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Address : 120 W Andy Devine Ave, Kingman, AZ 86401