Whether you’re starting or ending your Arizona Historic Route 66 experience, we thank you for making Arizona’s stretch of this historic highway a part of your travel experience.

Time Stands Still

Time Stands Still

The romance of the southwest and the adventure of Route 66 in Arizona starts at the Painted Cliff’s Welcome Center and the majestic Navajo sandstone cliffs in Lupton, Arizona. These layered red cliffs, which stand watch over old Route 66, spread through Helena Canyon and touch the deep arroyos of the Rio Puerco to the north. These are the same cliffs that the Spanish explorers, nomadic native tribes, rugged cowboys, and notorious outlaws all experienced. Infamous characters like Kit Carson, Lt. Beale, and Peg Leg Smith are known to have passed this very way. Today, Lupton may just be a dot on the map, but if you take the time to get off the Highway you will immediately be transported back to the heyday of Route 66. Pulling up to the sandstone cliffs you are still greeted with teepees and statuesque figures of deer, bear, and eagles peering down from above drawing you into the trading posts below filled with native treasures. How nice that some things never change!

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